Elytra offers two subcription tiers: Monthly and Yearly. The standard pricing^1 for these in USD are $0.99 and $10.49 respectively.

You may opt for either of them, and at your convinience switch between the two.

If you’d like to subscribe outside the appstore, you can do that from here.

Your subscription from the web, iOS or macOS syncs across all platforms and all of your devices using the same account.

The web version currently only supports regional pricing for India. If you’d like to see regional pricing for your locale, please get in touch with me at


If you’re a student currently enrolled in School, High-School or Graduate education programs, I’m happy to extend a discount coupon to you. This is limited to the web interface at the moment.


  1. Pricing is sometimes adjusted based on regions or to account for taxation changes by Apple or me directly.

  2. If you see continous errors when fetching information about subscriptions, purchasing or restoring: please check if you have a custom DNS blocker enabled on your device. Some of these prevent connections to the service Elytra now uses to manage subscriptions. You may have unblock in your DNS blocker settings to get things to work.