Feed Preferences

Feed Preferences show list of preferences specific to that feed including Notifications and Reader Mode.

Following on the footsteps of the excellent app, NetNewsWire, I’ve implemented a Feed Preferences interface similar to NNW albeit with some differences.

You can access this interface by:

  • Tapping on the Title View in the Articles List interface.

  • Tapping on the Feed Info context menu item by long tapping on a feed.

In Elytra, this interface lists the following options:


You can turn on notifications for the feed if you’d like to be notified about new articles from that feed.

Notifications are of two types:

  • Local: When the app updates your local cache, it checks for new articles and presents these as a local notification.

  • Push: Certain feeds support Push Notifications (eg: The Elytra Blog, my personal blog linked in the footer) and deliver a push notification as soon as the publisher posts an article on their website.

Reader Mode

  • When you swipe to open an article in the in-app browser or tap on the Browser icon in the Article Reader interface, toggling this option on will automatically load the Reader Mode when its available on that page.


This interface also lists the Feed’s URL and can be copied by long tapping on it.

If a website URL is available, that will be listed as well and can be similarly copied.

If you have suggestions for more options, feel free to reach out to me at support@elytra.app