Debugging can help me trace down bugs using anonymized logs following a simple procedure.

Elytra includes an always off debugger which you may optionally turn on and off when helping me with bug reports or issues you’re facing.

These debug logs are completely anonymized, and only include information directly generated by the app. No personal information from you or about you is collected during this process, in accordance and strict adherence with Elytra’s Privacy Policy.

This is currently only available on the iOS and iPadOS Apps.


  1. In the iOS or iPadOS app, tap the Settings icon in the Feeds Interface. This will open the Settings modal.

  2. Scroll down, till you see the Dezine Zync logo.

  3. Tap on it 5 times in quick succession to begin a logging session.

  4. Recreate the steps that caused the issue or bug you reported.

  5. To stop the session, open settings and tap on the Dezine Zync logo 5 times.